13-Week Weight Loss Program

A NutriBlooms accredited practising dietitian will coach you over 13 weeks to achieve your goals. This diet program can work as a weight loss program, weight gain program, or weight maintenance program depending on your body’s needs and medical condition.

Why a Weight Loss Program?

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Why should you choose a weight loss program

The Weight Loss Program is the solution if you are considering a core change to your lifestyle. Over the course of 13 weeks, an accredited dietitian will train you to master making healthy decisions in all situations

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol
  • Reduce breathing problems and sleep apnea
  • Enhance positive feeling
  • Increases body energy
  • Help with PCOS
  • Control your cravings
  • Sleep better

Suitable for

  • Weight Loss, gain or maintenance
  • PCOS management through diet
  • Insulin Resistance management
  • Heart Health (high cholesterol, Blood pressure…)
  • Diabetes management
  • Post Pregnancy diet
  • People seeking meal plan for weight loss

The 13-Week Journey

The weight loss program is full of fun and learnings that will change your perspective of diet. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We Learn About You

During Our First Consultation:

Detailed Assessment

Comprehensive assessment and analysis of your food intake and lifestyle

Body Composition Analysis

Using a high precision body analysis machine, we measure your muscle mass, fat mass, hydration level, metabolism rate and more

Step 2: Weight Loss Management

Happens at each review session

Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Individualised Meal Plan tailored to your needs and food preferences. Meal Plan is updated as needed 

Dietary Intervention

Evidence based dietary intervention

Consultations with a Dietitian

Regular consultations with an accredited dietitian in Melbourne during the 13-week period. We are here to support you and motivate you. You are NOT alone. 

Macros Distribution

Your diet meal plan is nutrient rich and proportioned across all food groups

Dietitian Support

You get support via email throughout the 13-week weight loss program. We respond to most queries within 24 hours.

Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your progress through regular Body scans. Have the results on your phone, and track your progress in a graphical representation

Step 3: Training

You get a different training topic on each review session

Reading Labels

Learn how to read food labels and ingredients. Gain the knowledge to make the right decisions when buying food products

Eat Out Guide

Receive advice about healthy food choices and combinations when dining out anywhere you go

Shopping Guide

Receive shopping guides and handouts to help you to learn more about products and their nutritional facts

Supermarket Tour

We run a supermarket tour within our service area as shown below. You are not at any of these locations or their proximity? No issues, we can record the supermarket tour, or do it over a video call

Recipe Book

Receive weekly recipes on top of your diet meal plan. This is our five stars gadget to our clients.

Step 4: Maintain Results Post the 13-Weeks

At the last session, and 8 weeks after the completion of the diet program

Tools to Maintain Your Weight

We train you to use a variety of tools to maintain your weight post the 13-Week Weight Loss Program

Additional InBody or Tanita Scan

We provide you with an extra InBody or Tanita scans 8 weeks after the 13-Weeks have ended to monitor how you are going on your own and give a quick 15min review

Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance Services provided at NutriBlooms may be eligible for rebates through your Private Health Insurance extras cover. Rebates will vary depending on your cover. Please contact your insurance provider to confirm your eligibility for rebates.

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13-Week Weight Management Program

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13-Week Weight Management program….

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