Plant Based Diet

Embrace the Wholesome Bounty of a Vegetarian Diet. Discover the Nutritional, Heart-Healthy, and Sustainable Benefits. Explore Our Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant Based Diet.

Why a Plant Based Diet Program?

A 30-day plant based diet can boost overall well-being. Packed with essential nutrients, this dietary shift may improve heart health, aid in weight management, and enhance energy levels.

Try it for a month to experience increased vitality and better digestion, serving as a valuable introduction to lasting, health-conscious choices.

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Why should you choose a Plant Based Diet Program

Opting for a 30-day plant-based diet program instead of a one-time consultation offers several advantages. A more extended program provides ongoing support, guidance, and structured resources throughout the entire month, helping individuals gradually adapt to a plant-based lifestyle.

Key Benefits

  • Risk of Cancer: Possibility of reducing the number of medications taken to treat a variaty of chronic conditions. Lower body weight, decrease the risk of cancer and the risk of death from Ischemic Heart Disease.
  • Heart Health Excellence: Significantly reduce the risk of heart disease by maintaining lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, key components of a heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • Weight Management Support: Harness the power of fiber-rich foods to manage your weight effectively. Feel full and satisfied while supporting your weight loss or maintenance goals.
  • Diabetes Prevention and Management: Experience improved insulin sensitivity and better blood sugar control, lowering your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Nutritional Abundance: Enjoy a diet rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, promoting optimal health and vitality.
  • Versatility for All Ages: Contrary to misconceptions, a vegetarian diet is suitable for individuals of all ages, providing essential nutrients for growth in children and promoting well-being in adults and seniors.

Suitable for

A Plant Based Diet is suitable for individuals of all ages. With proper planning and attention to nutritional needs, vegetarianism can support growth and development in children, promote well-being in adults, and contribute to healthy aging.

The 30 Days Journey

The Plant Based Diet Program is full of fun and learnings that will change your perspective of diet. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We Learn About You

During Our First Consultation:

Detailed Assessment

Comprehensive assessment and analysis of your food intake and lifestyle

Your Aim

A Plant Based Diet can be with no animal products, or include small to moderate amount of animal products

Body Composition Analysis

Using a high precision body analysis machine, we measure your muscle mass, fat mass, hydration level, metabolism rate and more

Step 2: Weight Loss Management

Happens at each review session

Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Individualised Meal Plan tailored to your needs and food preferences. Meal Plan is updated as needed 

Dietary Intervention

Evidence based dietary intervention

Consultations with a Dietitian

Providing expert advice on adopting a plant based diet, including a customised meal plan, shopping guide, and nutrition education.

Dietitian Support

You get support via email throughout the 30 days. We respond to most queries within 24 hours.

Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your progress through regular Body scans. Have the results on your phone, and track your progress in a graphical representation

Step 3: Training

You get a different training topic on each review session

Reading Labels

Learn how to read food labels and ingredients. Gain the knowledge to make the right decisions when buying food products

Eat Out Guide

Receive advice about healthy food choices and combinations when dining out anywhere you go

Shopping Guide

Receive shopping guides and handouts to help you to learn more about products and their nutritional facts

Recipe Book

Receive weekly recipes on top of your diet meal plan. This is our five stars gadget to our clients.

Step 4: Post the 30 Days

We support you after the program finishes

Additional Review Consultation

The program includes a courtesy review session that can be booked within the next 30 days after the program has finished.

We want to ensure that our clients maintain their achievements.

Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance Services provided at NutriBlooms may be eligible for rebates through your Private Health Insurance extras cover. Rebates will vary depending on your cover. Please contact your insurance provider to confirm your eligibility for rebates.

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More resources about Plant Based Diet from the Heart Foundation and Dietitians Australia

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Plant Based Diet Program

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Plant Based Diet Program

Discover the Nutritional, Heart-Healthy, and Sustainable Benefits. Explore Our Plant Based Diet.

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