InBody Scan

InBody is a type of body composition analysis that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to measure body fat, muscle mass, and other body composition metrics.

What Does it Provide?

It provides a detailed breakdown of an individual’s body composition, including the distribution of fat, muscle, and bone in different parts of the body. Moreover, InBody scans are often used in health and fitness settings to track changes in body composition over time and to monitor progress toward fitness goals.

InBody Scan in Melbourne by NutriBlooms

We offer Inbody scan, detailed explanation, and a quick dietetic advice.

What is InBody Scan?

In less than 60 seconds the InBody machine is able to measure body fat, muscle mass, and water levels.

Is It Safe?

Totally safe and non-invasive, no touching, pinching, or grabbing.

Also, this allows the dietitian to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass, and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle, and training regime are influencing your overall body composition.

InBody Scan Machine for Body composition analysis

Please remember before the test

  • Do not eat or drink in 1 to 2 hours before your scan appointment.
  • Do not exercise 1 to 2 hours before your scan.
  • Wear light clothes and try to wear the same or similar clothes for all future scan appointments.
  • NOT suitable for pregnant women, or any candidate with pacemaker or similar electronic implanted device
  • Accordingly, we do manual anthropometric measurements for pregnant women and candidates with pacemakers
60 Seconds
Measure body fat, muscle mass and water levels in less than a minute.
InBody App
Use the InBody App to track your body composition data to help achieve your fitness.
InBody Scan machine
Over 25 Parameters
Regularly monitor multiple parameters to understand how your diet and training regime are influencing your body composition.
High Accuracy
Age and gender are not used to make assumptions about your body composition measurement.

What does NutriBlooms Offer

NutriBlooms is InBody Certified Operator
A qualified dietitian operates the InBody machine, and this comes with the following benefits:
  • You get a complementary advice to help you achieve your goals from an APD Dietitian
  • With NutriBlooms, you can download the InBody App and have all scans tracked on your phone
  • Receive a complementary interpretation guide

Where to book an InBody Scan in Melbourne

Book your InBody Scan at Roxburgh Park or Blackburn South. Also, you can book a body composition analysis test using a Tanita machine at the other locations in Melbourne

InBody Scan Identifies Health Risk

Fluctuations in weight can be an early indicator of underlying health risks

  • Weight monitoring alone may not provide a complete picture of an individual’s health.
  • Moreover, InBody Scan measure fat mass, muscle mass, water distribution, and bone density. They all plays crucial role in overall health and physical fitness.
  • Accordingly, by monitoring weight regularly, individuals can catch warning signs early on and seek appropriate medical attention, ensuring timely intervention and prevention of more serious health complications.

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InBody Scan

Single Session
$ 44

Includes InBody scan, detailed explanation and interpretation 

We connect your results to your InBody Application on your smart phone (Optional – Free)

Free Interpretation Guide

InBody Scan Package

5 Sessions
$ 132

Includes InBody scan, detailed explanation, and interpretation

Pay for 3 scans and get 2 Free Scans (5 scans in total)

We connect your results to your InBody Application on your smart phone (Optional – Free)

Free Interpretation Guide