Being 27 kilos overweight, after having my first baby, had its mental, social, psychological, physical and health implications on me. It’s no secret that when I turned down almost most of the social invitations and gatherings, had increased fights with my husband, pain in my joints and feet that I was passing through some physical, psychological and social distress due to my increased weight!

I tried to lose weight on my own but I failed over and over again!

My best friend referred me to her husband’s dietician and insisted that I call her. The number of Ms Rasha Slim was laying on my table for almost a month before I made the decision to call her and move along with my journey of weight loss!

From the first meeting I knew that she and I are going to be a great team in this journey.  She won my trust right away! I felt so much at ease when I was discussing my fears and repetitive failures when it came to weight loss! Ms Rasha was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and she figured out how to assist me in overcoming them.

She taught me never to give up, and that making mistakes is okay. Once she figured out the habits that work for me I was amazed at how much easier it was to keep up with the diet and exercise plan that she had laid out for me. I was losing three to four kilos per week on an average as per her promise!

Racha rebuilt my self-confidence and self esteem. After 8 months of dieting and exercising and despite cheating on my diet during the family summer vacations, she managed to help me lose 18 kilos.

On Feb 1, 2018 I weighed  87.7 kilos and by Oct 1, 2019 I went down to 70.3 kilos. Thanks to my brilliant dietician Rasha.

I had to stop my diet in Oct as I got pregnant again!

Soon I will start the diet journey again but I am way too sad that Rasha moved to Australia and that I am going to have to work with another dietician!

But also I know that I can do it despite her absence because she built in me the most important criteria in weight loss which is healthy way of living! Healthy life style where I no more feel that I’m dieting and I am only doing my day to day diet routine!

Thank you Rasha and you are greatly missed!