After having my second baby, weight loss was a nightmare for me.My baby was born premature and unwell, he had to stay in the hospital for a while, that’s when my journey eating unhealthy food ona  daily basis started. I have returned to wearing my pregnancy clothes. I couldn’t tolerate my body neither my look. I stopped standing infront of the mirror. I have tried for months losing weight, adjusting my eating habits but nothing worked for me . I have downloaded apps, meal plans but nothing helped. My husband recommended to get a professional advise, that’s when I met dietitian Racha and that was a game changer; she was a great support mentally, emotionally and physically. She didn’t treat me as a number, she understood my case and tailored plan that suits my lifestyle. I have managed to lose my pregnancy weight in 5 months, although I was allowed to eat everything I like, she is one of the best. I am so lucky and gratefulto have such a supportive dietitian and mentor. It is never too late to get in shape and adopt a healthy lifestyle, dietitian Racha would be a greatchoice. Thank you Racha.