After having my second baby, weight loss was a nightmare for me.My baby was born premature and unwell, he had to stay in the hospital for a while, that’s when my journey eating unhealthy food ona  daily basis started. I have returned to wearing my pregnancy clothes. I couldn’t tolerate my body neither my look. I stopped standing infront of the mirror. I have tried for months losing weight, adjusting my eating habits but nothing worked for me . I have downloaded apps, meal plans but nothing helped. My husband recommended to get a professional advise, that’s when I met dietitian Racha and that was a game changer; she was a great support mentally, emotionally and physically. She didn’t treat me as a number, she understood my case and tailored plan that suits my lifestyle. I have managed to lose my pregnancy weight in 5 months, although I was allowed to eat everything I like, she is one of the best. I am so lucky and gratefulto have such a supportive dietitian and mentor. It is never too late to get in shape and adopt a healthy lifestyle, dietitian Racha would be a greatchoice. Thank you Racha. read more


I met Rasha in Doha 7 years ago and since, she became my personal dietician , my health coach and my motivator. Rasha is a very experienced dietician, good listener, calm and always goes the extra mile. She takes the time to explain the details of each step in my diet, to let me feel that I’m the person in charge of it, and that I can do it. She always had the flexibility to tailor the menu and let me enjoy it while loosing this extra weight. Rasha is far away dietician, she’s a health coach who cares about her patients and who excel in her mission. Rasha is a very professional dietician her approach is very personal and natural I really miss her in Doha and miss her recommendations.

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Maya Feghaly

Can’t recommend anyone other than Racha, to be your backup and support during your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Our relationship, yes i will call it relationship, started back in 2016, when i was negligent, not understanding the importance of being in good shape, and by good shape i mean a healthy one, she stood by me, supported me and never left my side during the hard times. When i was ready to give up, she motivated me and shared with me many useful information and details that will later make me ready to continue all by myself.

A big thank you, for the best dietitian and person i have ever met. read more

Mona S.

I’ve been suffering with a yo-yo weight for a while, in addition to that I’ve discovered few years ago that I have pcos (polysystic ovary syndrome), Which made weight loss a nightmare …

I started eating healthy, avoiding gluten,dairy, refined sugar and poultry …. I jogged a lot, did some yoga and still didn’t manged to lose any weight on the scale only by shape … after a while i was so tired doing my best with no visible  results so I reach out many diets center but none of them took my case seriously, for them I was just a client who wants to lose weight … until I reached Rasha, explaining to her my concern and my struggle asking her for a lifestyle modification not a diet and it was a win … she managed to create a customized diet, that helped me lose weight, while managing my hormones and eating the right food taking into consideration my preference to a vegetarian meal plan … -And, for the first time in years I lost some kilos in a very healthy and easy way …. you guys are lucky to have her around you … I’m sure she will take good care of your body and your soul … read more

B. El Khoury