Diabetes Type 2 can be successfully managed using Low GI Diet and with the support of an Accredited Dietitian

Managing diabetes type 2 can be challenging, but with the help of an accredited dietitian, it can be easier and more effective. Moreover, NutriBlooms dietitians in Melbourne are qualified professionals who specialise in the science of nutrition and diet. They can provide individualised nutrition advice to patients with diabetes type 2 using low GI diet to help you manage your condition.

How can our dietitians help you?


The role of a dietitian in managing diabetes type 2 is crucial because diet plays a significant role in controlling blood sugar levels, weight, and other risk factors. Moreover, our dietitians can assess your dietary intake and provide guidance on appropriate changes to help you achieve your health goals. We help you understand the impact of different foods on your blood sugar levels and provide practical strategies to make healthier choices.

Low GI Diet and Food

Dietitian Key Areas of Support

  • The dietitian will typically work with you to develop an individualised food intake strategy that meets your nutritional needs and preferences.
  • Also, the dietitian will identify appropriate portion sizes, choosing foods with a low glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL)
  • In addition, the dietitian will balance carbohydrate intake with protein and fat.
  • A low GI diet may be particularly beneficial for patients with diabetes type 2 as it can help regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

A NutriBlooms dietitian will assess your health status and advise on the suitability of starting a low GI diet. Also, one of the benefits of working with an accredited dietitian like NutriBlooms is the level of expertise and support available. Not only that Accredited Dietitians have undergone rigorous training and adhere to specific standards of practice, but also they are up to date with the latest research and guidelines related to diabetes management and can provide evidence-based advice to their patients.

Low GI Diet for Diabetes Type 2
Low GI diet can be a beneficial dietary approach for people with diabetes type 2

  • Improved Blood Glucose Control
  • Reduced Insulin Requirements
  • Increased Satiety
  • Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Complementary Body Composition Analysis

  • Ask all questions that you may have
  • Learn how to read Nutrition Facts
  • Track your body composition progress every time you visit us
  • Did you remember a question after the consultation? Don’t worry, text or email us and we’ll answer all your questions.

Low GI Food and Diet

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With the guidance of our expert dietitian, you can confidently navigate your diabetes type 2  journey.

Private Initial Consultation

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$ 160

The initial consultation session is a 60-minute session.

Depending on the service requested, the session will be tailored to maximize benefits.

One free InBody or Tanita scan is included

Body composition Analysis using our precise InBody or Tanita Scan machines to measure your body parts individually, and then give you results explanation, this service is exclusive for Face-to-Face consultations.

  • Provide you with an access to the InBody free mobile app to track your progress (where InBody Machine is used)
  • Lifestyle review and questionnaire
  • Review your personal health status and blood test results if available (for medical health conditions, blood test could be essential to provide)
  • Assess your nutritional needs based on your condition and your aim
  • Set realistic goals and provide nutritional advise and tips
  • Tailor an individualized and detailed meal plan
  • Advice on reading Nutrition Facts that are relevant to you
  • Provide educational material

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Private New Client Package

Face to Face or Telehealth (Online)
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  • First Session is 1 hour
  • 5 x review sessions are 30 min
  • No Expiry Date to complete sessions
  • Structured Journey with an Accredited Dietitian
  • Education Material
  • Tailored Individualised Meal Plan
  • Shopping/Products list
  • Body Composition Scan in each session to help you track your progress.
  • Continuous support from an accredited dietitian

Depending on the service requested, the sessions will be tailored to maximize benefits

We will help you reach your goal step by step with the guidance of our accredited practicing dietitian.

We focus on realistic and sustainable changes.

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